Questions & Answers Session - 38th WRC

38th World Religions Conference - Experiencing God in Today's World

The concluding session of the 38th World Religions Conference (Theme: Experiencing God in Today's World) consisted of a lively question/answer session. Over 100 question cards were collected from the audience and from #AskWRC twitter at the event on September 16, 2018. However due to limited time at the conference, only a few could be presented to the speakers to answer at the event by the moderator. As the moderator advised, all the received cards would be provided to the respective speakers and the speakers would submit written answers that would be posted on the conference website. The answers are therefore presented here from each of the 9 speakers representing Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Baha'i Faith, Indigenous Spirituality, Judaism, Hinduism and Humanism. 

Some questions from the audience may never be answered, since they were either unclear, not relevant to the conference or were not in line with the objectives of the conference of promoting peace, respect and understanding for all faiths. However, it is upto the speaker to make such calls.


Questions Responded by Michael Clifton (38th WRC)

Representing Christianity

Questions Responded by Imam Afzal Mirza (38th WRC)

Representing Islam

Questions Responded by Bhante Sasanasarana (38th WRC)

Representing Buddhism

Questions Responded by Jasmine Kaur (38th WRC)

Representing Sikhism

Questions Responded by Jaellayna Palmer (38th WRC)

Representing Baha'i Faith

Questions Responded by Brenda Jacobs (38th WRC)

Representing Indigenous Spirituality

Questions Responded by Dr. Daniel Maoz (38th WRC)

Representing Judaism

Questions Responded by Swami Haripriya Parivrajika (38th WRC)

Representing Hinduism

Questions Responded by Sassan Sanei (38th WRC)

Representing Humanism


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