Questions Responded by Imam Afzal Mirza (38th WRC)

Questions Responded by Imam Muhammad Afzal Mirza

Missionary Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada and Imam of Bai'tul Islam Mosque Toronto

Representing Islam

Question 1: How can we experience genuine brotherhood with those whose cultural identity is very different from our own? Can we do that and preserve our identity?

Answer: In the Holy Qur'an this question is answers by saying that cooperation in the matters is goodness and noncooperation in the matters of evil is the key to mutual brotherhood. All it needs is looking at each other as human beings and going beyond the color, culture and boundaries. 

Question 2: How do you relate the God acceptance to the answer to our prayers? What if the boy’s parents were alcoholic and never ask him to study hard for the tests? The example you provide does not make any sense!

Answer: Knowing God and developing a relationship with him is like developing a relationship between humans and as the ties get stronger the understanding gets better. And when we are in complete trust with each other that’s where you start knowing each other. Similarly when we develop relationships with God the communication takes place. To develop relationship with God prayer is the mode of it. I had mention three fundamental ways of His communication with us. What if the boy’s parents were alcoholic is a hypothetical question so I can only try answer real question. I knew the family. 

Question 3: How does a human remain humble with connecting with an all powerful God? By Frank T Asheri

Answer: It’s an amazing feeling when we connect with God, He grooms you and reforms you with His tender love. This love keeps you humble. The connection changes you from inside out. You go beyond the realm of body and learn lots of wisdom. His grandeur keeps you humble.  

Question 4: Secular laws have trumped religious social values in Canada, e.g. homosexual, abortion rights. What can people of all faiths do to change this reality?

Answer: In my opinion if religious people start living what they preach that will create great impact on society. Having dialog can solve lots of issues. We should stop dictating others. If a society decides to live a life which is against the moral values of a faith let God deal with them, Faith people job is to convey the message of their Divine faiths and leave the consequences to God. They should engage in prayers for the reformation of society.   

Question 5: As a scientist, how do we respect humanity while incorporating ideas like genetic modifications? By Frank T Asheri

Answer: In Islam we are taught that we should not interfere in the creation to alter it. At the same time modern inventions are to be used to improve human life (like curing the sickness etc) if no limits are put to use the genetic modification we will put the entire humanity at risk, cause there are entities who will use these modifications to accomplish their evil desires.  

Question 6: What is the purpose of life in this world according to Islam. By Mohammad Abdullah

Answer: As I had stated in my talk that we are created to reflect God in us. We equipped with lots of abilities and we are expected to develop these facilities so the next phase of our life can be enjoyed. Since we are born with free will and ability to choose so our choices bear results. Those who understand this purpose of our creation and follow the manual (The Holy Qur'an and Sunnah) they will benefit this life and the next.  

Question 7: How man will be rewarded in this world or hereafter? By Mohammad Abdullah

Answer: Just like our system rewards good and bad people in this world similarly God rewards here (by blessing us with peace and prosperity) in the heat after He will reward us with His nearness and grant us any thing we will wish for.  

Question 8: Who created God? By Bilal Khokhar

Answer: You know the answer. There is no cause of the first cause a debate which have lots of material, just google it please. 

Question 9: Do ghosts exist in our world?

Answer: I don’t know what you mean by ghosts, there is evil and good in this world.  Also there are creations which are visible and hidden. If by ghosts you mean evil beings who roam around us to harm us, I don’t have any experiences as such where I encountered such beings.  

Question 10: How would you explain about the differences among people (i.e. some poor, some rich, some beautiful some ugly) in regard of God as the creator?

Answer: The Holy Qur'an mentions it as follows,
[49:14] O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female; and We have made you into tribes and sub-tribes that you may recognize one another. Verily, the most honourable among you, in the sight of Allah, is he who is the most righteous among you. Surely, Allah is All-knowing, All-Aware.

Question 11: If God speaks today and one can hear him, any hearing experience?

Answer: Very interesting question, the answer is yes indeed. It depends what kind of relationship one has developed with God. I have been blessed with His kind  whisperers. As I had mentions three ways of God’s communication with us, depending where one stands we can have hearing experience.  

Question 12: What is the nature of Homo sapiens? From Francis Tuntu Asheri

Answer: I am sorry couldn’t understand the question. All I know humans are created with pure nature and they become according to their environment.  

Question 13: Although our understanding of God may differ, are we all looked after and received by the same God?

Answer: Indeed 

Question 14: [Twitter Question] Mr. Afzal Mirza, what are your thoughts on the challenge issued by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad towards John Hugh Smyth-Pigott (who claimed be was God incarnate), saying either Ghulam Ahmad would outlive Pigott or Pigott would repent. Pigott passed in 1927 over a decade after the passing of Ghulam Ahmad, who passed in 1908, and it is well documented that Pigott claimed being God incarnate well after the death of Ghulam Ahmad. Question by James Uzer

Answer: Even though this question is not related to the topic of the conference, but the answer is that he did repent by his actions. If you leave your email I will be glad to send you our stance on it.  

Question 15: [Twitter Question] Mr. Afzal Mirza, Similar to the Baader-Meinhot Phenomenon: where when you learn of something, you begin to notice it all around you. When you pray for something, how do we differentiate the signs from God from the above listed phenomenon? What if you are simply more awar of signs from God and your subconscious takes these as signs instead of regular things you are now hyper-aware of? Question by Salmaan Khan

Answer: Love your question. Spiritual world is as real as physical world. It depends what kind and how much awareness one has achieved. In the begging of a spiritual journey moments do come when one can feel that way, but then the sincerity and steadfastness takes you to a level of certainty, that’s where you are in the supervision of God. Your communication and “signal” become very clear and you “KNOW “ it’s God who is talking to you no one else. 

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