WRC Archives (2001~2019)

Record of previously held World Religions Conferences.

2019: How to Establish a Just Society

2018: Experiencing God in Today's World

2017: My Faith and Canadian Values

2016: End-of-Life Decisions

2015: Tackling Radicalization in Faiths

2014: Pathway to Peace

2013: Religious Freedom as Practised by Founders

2012: Idea of an Ideal Government

2011: Who is God?

2010: Keeping Faith Alive in Contemporary Society

2009: Is God Relevant in Today's World

2008: Founders of Religion - Model for Humanity

2007: How Religion Can Protect the Environment

2006: My Faith and Freedom of Conscience

2005: The Basis and Concept of Salvation

2004: Why Religion?

2003: In Search of the Existence of God

2002: World Peace - What Religions Can Achieve

2001: Reconciling the Existence of God and Human Suffering