Refreshments and Dinner Menu (41st WRC)

As traditional, the World Religions Conference food organizing committee has made arrangements for all guests of the conference to an attractive refreshments and dinner menu at the venue of the conference at the upcoming 41st World Religions Conference for November 26, 2023.


Refreshments - 1st Break at @1:40 pm ; 2nd Break at 3:50 pm

Dinner Service @ 5:00 pm

Famous WRC Samosas









Assorted Pastries: Cinnamon buns, Danishes, Croissants, Mini Muffins

Dinner Service Menu


Pizza Hut: Vegetarian Pan Pizzas




An assortment of Orange Pekoe and Fair Trade Herbal Teas.



Ice Water and Fruit Punch


Carafe Fair Trade Coffee


Note: Refreshments and dinner provided at no cost by the premier sponsor of the conference.

[Disclaimer: Refreshments and Dinner Menu subject to change by event organizers]


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