Questions and Answers (32nd WRC)

A large number of questions were received during the Questions/Answer session at the 32nd World Religions Conference held October 13, 2012 at the University of Waterloo on the theme "Idea of an Ideal Govenment".

Unfortunately, due to shortage of time only a limited number of questions could be responded by the speakers on the day of the conference. The organizers promised to forward all unanswered questions to the speakers after the event. The speakers can then choose to answer more questions that the organizers will post on this website.

The following additional questions have been answered by the speakers so far. As more speakers submit their responses, they will be posted here as well. Some questions from the audience may never be answered, since they were either unclear, not relevant to the conference or were not in line with the objectives of the conference of promoting peace, respect and understanding for all faiths. However, it is upto the speaker to make such calls.

Questions Responded by Lois MacDonald (32nd WRC)

Representing Aboriginal Spirituality

Questions Responded by Mubarak Nazir (32nd WRC)

Representing Islam

Questions Responded by Amit Kinikar (32nd WRC)

Representing Hinduism

Questions Responded by Doug Thomas (32nd WRC)

Representing Humanism (Atheists and Agnostics)


NOTE: The remaining speaker representing did not submit their answers for the WRC website. 

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