Questions Responded by Mubarak Nazir (32nd WRC)

Questions Responded by Mubarak A. Nazir

Senior Vice President and Missionary Incharge Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada

Representing Islam

Question 1: Anti Islam Film: What is your communities reaction to it? What is the true teaching of Islam?

We are angry and very upset that taking shelter under the notion of ‘Freedom of speech’ some unscrupulous individuals are allowed to ridicule an Apostle of God who is adored by over 2 billion people of the world. We will never take the law into our own hands and our response is that we will hold seminars and symposia to inform the world about the true character of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)We are holding a Mega Event at the Roy Thompson Hall in downtown Toronto on November 20, 2012.

Question 2: Can you support the “Laws of the Land” and still practice religious rituals? e.g. polygamy, circumcision, genital mutilations of women, child marriage, mandatory religious affliction (catholic teachers), use of Lord’s prayer and many more issues?

Ahmadi Muslims are law-abiding citizens of any country they live in. This, as the Holy Prophet Muhammad said is ‘part of your faith’. In Islam, Monogamy is the general practice while Polygamy is allowed under exceptional circumstances. Circumcision is practiced by Jews also. There is not a single Biblical Prophet who did not practice Polygamy. Genital mutilations of women are a crime and not allowed in Islam. Similarly ‘child marriage’ is not allowed however girls in many countries mature at a much earlier age than in others. If the law of the land does not allow them to practice their faith, then they are allowed to protest peacefully or encouraged to migrate to other lands if opportunity exists. Under no circumstances they are permitted to protest violently.

Question 3: What can we do to increase the involvement of women as political and spiritual leaders?

Women are encouraged to become spiritual leaders. The Holy Prophet said that half of the religion of Islam can be leant from his wife Aisha. His first wife Hadhrat Khatiija (ra) was a business woman. But the primary role of a woman is to take care of her house and her children. The future of the world depends on how well a woman undertakes this role.

Question 4: If for a person, the state law conflicts with their religious law, then which law takes precedence?

Let me take the example of Pakistan. The government of that country directly interferes with the religious practice of Ahmadis. That is why instead of taking the law into our own hands many members have fled to different countries of the world where they are allowed to freely practice Islam.

Question 5: Considering with the Holy Quran’s view on homosexuality what is your opinion on having a homosexual prime minister?

Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and in Christianity and Judaism. Islam teaches us to support governments that are capable of governing and are just. The cities of Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed because they practiced homosexuality. We do not want our beautiful country - Canada be destroyed. God forbid!!

Question 6: How do we know there in one Allah (God) ?

Thousands of Prophets have all said that there is One God. He is our Creator – our Sustainer and to Him shall we all return. I personally see God in the creation of this universe.

Question 7: Is the God of a particular faith or religion the same God of other Religions? Or in other words: Is it one and the same God that revealed different scriptures?

The God of ALL religions is the same One God. Some call Him Allah or God or Pramatama or Jehovah or Guru. He revealed different scriptures to different Prophets that were suitable for that time and suitable for that age. But when man attained full evolution and means of communication improved, then He revealed the Final and Perfect Teachings to the entire world in the shape of the Holy Quran.

Question 8: You mentioned that government and leaders should be established on the principles of “right and might” and living by conscience. People in government and leaders come from the people of a country. What can be done to cultivate these qualities in the people of a country so that leaders with these qualities will emerge?

Islam teaches that ‘Right is might’ and NOT ‘Might is right’ as is practiced in the world today. Absolute Justice and Peace of the world are inseparable. Without Justice there can never be Peace in the world. We must practice Justice in our homes – with our wives and with our children – with our employers – with our country. This in my opinion will in the long run create such leaders.

Question 9: What is the mark line when Islam allows protest against the government (when the government is cruel)?

When a Government interferes in Religious affairs – when people are not allowed to profess or practice their Religion of choice then a Muslim is allowed to raise his/her voice. But open rebellion or destruction of property is not allowed under any circumstances. If it is still untenable then you are allowed and encouraged to migrate.

Question 10: Islam does not allow abortion? What is the strict action against a government that allows abortion?

Abortion is allowed when the life of the mother is at risk or the fetus is abnormal or a pregnancy has occurred as a result of incest or rape.

Question 11: Abraham Lincoln once said that “A convincing argument against democracy is conversation with an average voter-caster.” Do you agree that this applies to the situation today in democratic states? If yes, what can be done to deal with the issue?

Islam speaks about a Government whose leaders are elected on basis of merit. The trust of Government must be handed over to those who are worthy of that trust. Consultation with the masses is a key ingredient of a good Government. After due consultation, all matters must be decided with Justice to all. Allah says after that ‘Put your trust in Allah’.

Question 12: Any government way be defined by its goals – that which it tries to achieve – which are often different from the goals that are declared. What goals should an ideal government have (specifically) and what is required for governments to be held accountable for their actions?

The goals of an ideal government must be: Justice – fairness – Right is might – truthfulness – no misinformation or false propaganda - Freedom of Religion – Peace and protection of all especially the poor. If they fail in these obligations don’t vote for them in the next elections.

Question 13: In your religion if abortion is actually murder, at what point does your religion condone retribution and what form?

If abortion is done just for cosmetic purposes then it is murder. Allah says do not kill your children because of poverty. “I provide for you and I will provide for them also”

Question 14: Identify one policy of the Canadian Government that you think is not ideal and suggest a solution from the perspective of your faith (Question submitted by a viewer online via live stream)

Canadian Government is one of the best maybe the best Government in the world. They should never allow miscreants or troublemakers to enter this country. Canada should maintain its peaceful stature. Entering or aiding unjust wars tarnishes and harms its image.

Question 15: In your religion if the government is obviously corrupt, at what point is it OK to start a revolution? And to what level?

Violent revolution is not allowed under any circumstances. You can start a ‘revolution’ at the ballot box. Or if the worst comes to the worst then migrate if possible to a better country.

Question 16: Can you give me an example of a religious state (a theocracy) ever being a just state especially towards other religions?

Yes A good but difficult and embarrassing question! Unfortunately, religious states like many Middle Eastern Muslim states and Pakistan and Israel do not practice true Justice.

Question 17: Although all religions call for one to be closer to God, they have certain contradictions. For example Judaism allows interest rate to be charged (Duet. 25:17) but Islam prohibits it (Chapter 2: 275). If there is on Truth and one God, should such contradictions be somehow resolved ? and if yes, how?

All these contradictions are ‘man-made’. They do not emanate from God. Due to the passage of time some of the Revealed Books have been tampered or interpolated. All religions originally emanate from God so their teachings should not differ. That is why our Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is holding such inter-religious symposiums to bring humanity towards unity and towards understanding the One God who is Gracious and ever Merciful.

Question 18: Can you please give an example of a Just government from the life of Prophet Muhammad?

During the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be on him) and his successors many litigations were made by Jews against Muslims and without hesitation if the Jew was right a verdict was given against a Muslim.

Question 19: The desire of some religions to convert others is always causing problems around the world. Should ideal governments stop people from doing that? Why or why not?

To guide somebody who is lost, the right course should not cause any problem. There must be freedom of choice. The Holy Quran states “There is no compulsion in Religion”. An ideal Government must allow people to choose or change their religion without any hindrance. We are taught a prayer that we prays over 30 times each day i.e. “O Allah Guide us on the right path – the path of those whom You have blessed and not the path of those who have incurred Thy displeasure or those who have gone astray”

Question 20: What Islam religious leaders are doing to stop Islamic terrorism, demolishing of temples, Churches and unfairness and un-openness towards other religions around the world including Muslim states? Is there any “Mahatama Ghandi” in Muslim world to teach non-violence?

Terrorism be it Islamic or Christian or Jewish is obnoxious and detestable. Ahmadi Muslims all over the world are fighting a ‘jihad’ (Holy War) to stop this nuisance wherever and whenever it occurs. The Holy Qur'an speaks about the protection of the Churches and Temples even before it speaks about the protection of Mosques. Unfortunately the Muslims have grievously deviated from the true teachings of Islam. Today, Ahmadiyyat is the guide for all Muslims and infact the whole humankind. Ahmadiyyat is the revival of all faiths. Hence, the institution of Khilafat established in Ahmadiyyat is the the leadership that all Muslims should follow.

Question 21: Is it allowed in your religion (s) to disgrace other religion’s holy books and holy people?

We can always agree to disagree. How can a true Muslim even venture to ‘disgrace’ other Holy Books or Holy People. The Holy Quran speaks about the Holy Bible (The Old and New Testament) as “They contain Guidance and Light. Even if someone worships a stone we are not allowed to speak ill of his God.

Question 22: Does Canada’s political system fit within an Islamic world view?

It fits to a great extent in Canada. Much more than in some so-called ‘Muslim States’

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