Program (40th WRC)

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Live Stream from WRC Studio at Baitul Kareem Mosque Cambridge

Speakers and essential staff will be permitted in the WRC-Studio due to Covid restrictions and following guidelines of health Canada. Audience will join virtually or view the live stream on this website's homepage. 

Registration is required to join virtually and participate in the QA session. 

THEME: Combating Racism


1:30 pm Begin of Streaming (Pre Recorded)
—WRC Multi Media Presentations

1:35 pm Pre-recorded Greetings from Guest Dignitaries

LIVE Program Begins
2:00 pm Welcome by the Presiding Chair
—Moderator, Dr. Scott Hamilton, Councilor City of Cambridge 

2:02 pm Opening Recitation from a Holy Scripture

2:05 pm Opening Ceremony
—Introduction of Speakers and Dignitaries
—Unveiling of the World Religions Conference Plaque
—Singing of O'Canada - National Anthem of Canada
—Land Acknowledgement

2:12 pm Introductory Remarks
—Farhan Khokhar, National Vice President,
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada

2:15 pm Theme Overview
—Dr. Edwin Laryea - Waterloo
Subject Expert and Former School Principal

2:23 pm Speaker’s Introductory Remarks

2:24 pm Humanism: Kathleen Johnson - Alberta
2:27 pm Buddhism: Rev. Horana Anuruddah Thero - Cambridge
2:30 pm Hinduism: Dr. Praveen Saxena – Guelph
2:33 pm Islam: Imam Nabil Mirza - Montreal
2:36 pm Christianity: Rev. Dr. Das Sydney - Kitchener
2:39 pm Judaism: Rabbi Lori Cohen - Waterloo
2:42 pm Indigenous Spirituality: Brenda Jacobs - Hamilton
2:45 pm Sikhism: Dr. Parminder Singh - Toronto

2:48 pm Messages and Greetings from Guest Dignitaries

2:56 pm Break Time and Social Interactions - Refreshments

THEME SESSION - "Combating Racism"

Speakers present his/her view of their respective faith on the theme (10 minutes each). 

3:01 pm Introduction to the Theme Session — Moderator

3:03 pm Humanist Perspective — Kathleen Johnson - Alberta

3:13 pm Buddhist Perspective — Rev Horana Anuruddah Thero - Cambridge

3:23 pm Hindu Perspective — Dr. Praveen Saxena – Guelph

3:33 pm Islamic Perspective — Imam Nabil Mirza - Montreal

3:43 pm Christian Perspective — Rev. Dr. Das Sydney - Kitchener

3:53 pm Judaic Perspective — Rabbi Lori Cohen - Waterloo

4:03 pm Indigenous Perspective — Brenda Jacobs - Hamilton

4:13 pm Sikh Perspective — Dr. Parminder Singh, Brampton

4:23 pm Coffee Break — Complimentary Refreshments and Social



4:28 pm Introduction to the Q/A Session — Moderator

4:30 pm Open Question & Answer Session
—with all speakers of different faiths and philosophies

5:15 pm Vote of Thanks - Recognition of Speakers and Volunteers
— Shahab Khokhar, President WRC Organizing Committee

5:18 pm Closing Remarks — Moderator & Chair

5:20 pm Silent Multi-Faith Prayer — All Faiths

5:21 pm Dinner and Social


* Program is subject to change
* Order of presentations was determined via random draw at the last Conference, held Sept 22, 2019.



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