Subject Matter Expert (40th WRC)

Combating Racism

Subject Expert
Dr. Edwin W. D Laryea
Educator, Waterloo


Abstract of Subject Matter Speech: Combating Racism


Drawing from a vast body of research on race, racism, and antiracism, my presentation examines racism from different perspectives and recommends strategies to combat the attendant stresses and mental health challenges. Additionally, the presentation interrogates the societal practices, assumptions, conventions, and normalizations that perpetuate the unequal distribution of power and privileges. I argue for a robust and a practical antiracist strategy that disrupts the routines, conversations, and practices, through which the racist background of social life is reproduced.

Personal anecdotes from my life experiences are used to underscore the crucial role that religion, my spirituality, my African culture, my sports mentality, my academic engagement, and my passion played, to help shield me from the oppressive environments I encountered.


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