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Tackling Radicalization in Faiths
Canada NewsWire (press release)-Oct 26, 2015
GUELPH, ON, Oct. 26, 2015 /CNW/ - Scholars of 7 faiths and philosophies and nearly 800 delegates .........
Addressing religious radicalization to be focus of multi-faith conference
Guelph Mercury-Oct 27, 2015
This year's conference theme will therefore explore how radicalization of followers of faiths is tackled and what might be its underlying causes," ...
Spiritual leaders meet in Guelph to tackle the issue of radicalization in faiths
Guelph Mercury - ‎Nov 1, 2015
Seven speakers, each from a different faith tradition, sat elbow-to-elbow on stage and spoke about tackling radicalization, as it pertained to their own belief systems. The seven speakers were Doug Thomas of Elmira, representing Humanism; Simerneet ...
World Religions Conference in Guelph
570 News - ‎Nov 1, 2015‎
Scholars of 7 faiths and philosophies, and nearly 800 delegates are heading to Guelph today for the 35th World Religions Conference. Officials from local, provincial, and national governments, along with representatives from a number of faith ...
Religious radicalization discussed in World Religions Conference in Guelph
NewsGram, Nov 2, 2015
Radicalization of men and women of all faiths – both in the west and east– has become one of the most significant threats of international terrorism in the world today.......
The Society of Edmonton Atheists - Posted Nov 5, 2015
A community amoung atheists, agnostics and frethinkgs through discussino, constructive activism, education and philanthropy
World Religion Conference 2015
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“Canada's Largest Multifaith Event - "Tackling Radicalization in Faiths" on Nov 1 in Guelph, Ont #worldreligions2015 ....
Canada: Spiritual leaders meet in Guelph to tackle the issue of radicalization in faiths
Ahmadiyya Times
Nov 2, 2015
One way to tackle the problem is to provide a counter narrative, demonstrating the real, true teachings of Islam are based in peace...

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