Theme (34th WRC)

Pathway to Peace

The 34th World Religions Conference was held on September 28, 2014 at the River Run Centre in the City of Guelph. The theme chosen was "Pathway to Peace"

The world is passing through turbulent times. Crises throughout the globe continue to manifest newer and graver dangers almost daily. The current situation of the world, with its increasing uncertainty and instability, seems to be moving us towards some sort of global conflict, which could come in the shape of an unprecedented world war. There is an overwhelming sense that things are quickly getting out of control and that people are looking for someone to step forward on the global stage to offer concrete guidance to lead humanity on a path back to security and stability; a path that speaks to their hearts and minds alike and gives them hope and confidence that there is a path that can lead to practical and sustainable peace, at every level of human existence, individual, societal and international.


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