Greetings from Chair Ken Seiling (36th WRC)

Office of the Regional Chair

Ken Seiling

Regional Municipality of Waterloo


November 20, 2016.

Dear Friends

I am sorry I am not able to join you today

The annual World Religions Conference is an inclusive, peaceful forum where faith leaders and scholars gather to discuss the topics that matter very much in our lives. This year's central theme "End-of-Life Decisions" is particularly relevant given the recent Federal legislation allow for assisted death.

There is so much to explore and discuss given the many differing perspectives on assisted dying and other end-of-life challenges including withdrawal and refusal of treatment and euthanasia. Today, your discussions will delve into the many different viewpoints and the guidance offered by the major religions and philosophies around these heart wrenching questions.

We are fortunate to be able to gather together each year in a peaceable manner to respectfully share our different views and beliefs. My best wishes for a successful, thoughtful day.

Ken Seiling
Regional Chair


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