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We affirm the value of interfaith interaction, for educating ourselves regarding other faiths and philosophical traditions. The interfaith concept is a unifying vehicle, which can aid us in bringing the reformation of the world nearer to reality. (WRC Mission)


From past guests and attendees of the conference........

1. "Each group was respectful of one another. It was nice to see everyone building each other instead of just trying to break each other down. Volunteers made everything run smoothly and effectively"

by Amy Hughes

2. "The ideas of having such a conference with such relevant uses is excellent. I find you attend to all the details so well- publicity, scheduling, presentations, location including parking, good etc. Thank you !"

Is it also nice you have included atheists (or humanists) in the list. I always learn new things from the presenters.

by Barbara Kempe

3. "It was nice to hear the different scriptures during the opening. Nice to have a vegetarian option at lunch. The samosas were tasty. The hard work of everyone was obvious-thank you. Brian Carwana was fantastic"

by Beth Murch

4. "Great diversity of faiths. Excellent volunteer services and booths. Exceedingly friendly, open minded atmosphere. Very well spoken panel"

by Brad Scott

5. "Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate and honour all of us on this common journey. I was so happy to see the many children present. Together we share this space in time and I want to thank you for having the vision to bring us all together. We share our humanity and hope for the future. I look forward to attending again next year. Blessings, Keep going!!"

by C. Campbell

6. "You have done much to strengthen my positive regard for Islam. Fabulous organization, care and hospitality. Good ---------- to prevent any conflict. Thank You."

by Caral M. Mllen

7. "I really enjoyed this conference. I like the idea of having so many religions together. It teaches people to respect the religion of other countries and other cultures."

by Chris Lintel

8. "Good opportunity for each faith to "hold the feather" and present itself with no apologetics and polemics."

by Eleanor Grant

9. "Conducive/warm facilities, excellent marketing-brochure website very professional and pleasing. Delightful, elegant moderator. Inclusion of youth in entertainment was wonderful."

by Irena Lawrenson

10. "Registration is so easy, greeters are very welcome. Lunch was even better organized than last year I can't believe such a wonderful day with such knowledge speakers and professional moderator is free. Thank you. What a wonderful way to promote peace and understanding especially during present times."

by Jan Roadhouse

12. "Anne-Marie Mediwake-She was a great moderator-established a positive, friendly, professional tone-was a major reason for success of presentations. Brian Carwana-good content-very interesting."

by John Thompson

13. "Wonderful idea forgetting people of unintentional ignorance. To unite and go against prejudism, racism by listening to the speakers of these different religions."

by Layla Bigelli

14. "This is my first conference I was very impressed with the speakers and I was surprised to learn of the many misconceptions that I held about other religions."

by Lily Lummiss

15. "The conference was very well organized and very professionally presented. The speakers were excellent The samosas were excellent too! The facility was very well suited to the program"

by M. Hardy

16. "Your Use of technology on screen is praiseworthy. Lunch for such a huge crowd was served efficiently and was most delicious. Ample amounts of tea and coffee. Speakers were "to the point" and informative and kept to the theme. Great to have TV moderator again!"

by Ron Welker

17. "The presenters were good in trying to maintain respect for each other's belief. Well organized from content to housekeeping."

by Anonymous

18. "The speakers did an excellent job of answering the question "Why Religion?". It was fascinating to hear just much was in common in each group."

by Anonymous

19. "Inclusion of Atheism is wonderful and the range of religions present is nice."

by Anonymous

20. "Much needed ! You are doing the work that religions often neglect = to bring all people together = how else to create a better world we all long for?"

by Anonymous

21. "Congratulation for an outstanding, innovative and excellent accomplishment."

by Anonymous

22. "Very good topic, excellent organized, well controlled. Congratulations to all volunteers."

by Anonymous

23. "Once again it was a very well organized conference. Your volunteers are so courteous and hospitable. You are doing a wonderful job of bringing together peoples of different faiths, spiritual traditions and those who do not subscribe to either of them."

by Chandrakant Kothari

24. Wow, what an effort!  You and all of your group are to be commended for putting on such an amazingly first class conference this past Saturday.  What an incredible opportunity it was to be introduced by the believers, themselves to such an array of religions.  It truly has changed my life as I now feel that I have entered a gateway to further explore and understand the great religions of the world.  Thank you. ...

by Nancy J. Luik

Guidelines for Speakers

For the Kind Attention of the Speakers and Participants of World Religions Conference:

1. In the best interest of inter-religious harmony and understanding and in keeping with the traditions of the World Religions Conference, the speeches and presentations may please be focused on the theme of the conference, presenting only the beauties and magnificence of one's own faith and philosophical traditions without casting aspirations on others' faiths and beliefs.

2. Any comparison with the teachings of a specific religion or a group of religions from a geographical region, may only be made in an objective manner aimed at promoting better understanding and respect between the followers of various religions and/or philosophical traditions.

3. The discourses and presentations may please be based and drawn entirely on the holy scriptures (with specific references from the respective holy scriptures) and religious traditions of the respective faiths; and philosophical traditions of those who not subscribe to any religion.

4. In order to best manage the various logistics involved at the conference and to have adequate time available for a purposeful discussion at the end, the speakers and presenters are requested to strictly observe the time allocated.

5. In order to ensure a meaningful discourse, the speakers and participating organizations are requested to remain present during the three sessions of the conference and be available to respond to any questions and informal discussions.

The organizers of the conference thank you for your cooperation.


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Quotes from Faith Leaders on Interfaith Harmony



“This is the most attractive and peace-giving principle. It provides the basis for reconciliation among nations and promotes better moral conduct. It teaches us to believe in the truth of all the prophets, wherever they might have appeared…”


—  Hadhrat Ahmad, Promised Messiah (as) (Muslim Messiah)



“Our innermost prayer should be that a Hindu should be a better Hindu, a Muslim a better Muslim, a Christian a better Christian. I broaden my Hinduism by loving other religions than my own…. All religions are true”

—  Mahatma Gandhi - Sacred Longings (Hindu Leader)





“The problem to be faced is: how to combine loyalty to one’s own tradition with reverence for different traditions.”

—  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (Jewish Leader)





“.. All the major religions of the world taught the worship of God and love and compassion for mankind in their original form. If these original teachings were upheld today it would lead to a harmonious society, free from conflict and war…”

— His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad (Muslim Leader)






“Dialogue is born from an attitude of respect for the other person, from a conviction that the other person has something good to say. It assumes that there is room in the heart for the person’s point of view, opinion, and proposal….”

— His Holiness Pope Francis (Christian Leader)



“My fundamental belief is that all religious traditions have the same potential to make better human beings, good human beings, sensible human beings, compassionate human beings.”

— His Holiness Dali Lama (Buddhist Leader)