Message from Dignitaries (41st WRC)

Greetings and Messages Received for 41st World Religions Conference

"Healing a Polarized World"

"..... Ontario is a province of rich cultural and religious diversity, which makes it the perfect place to hold this event. This conference is an opportunity for members of different faith groups to engage in interfaith dialogue, in the spirit of healing a polarized world......."

Honourable Doug Ford
Premier of Ontario, 


Quotes from Messages received from various leaders during previous World Religions Conference

".... This event provides a platform to explore the teachings and practices of different faiths and philosophies. I am sure that this year’s theme, “How to Establish a Just Society,” will stimulate a great deal of enlightening, respectful and thought-provoking dialogue. ....."

The Rt. Hon. Justin P. J. Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada



 ".... Universities have been a place of open discussion and expression for centuries in the pursuit of knowledge and societal growth. I am pleased to welcome you to our University as your gathering seeks to create positive dialogue and community interaction...."

Feridun Hamdullahpur
Former President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Waterloo



 "... I applaud the WRC and your long and distinguished record in campaigning against injustice and promoting multi-faith dialogue and action. In recent years we have seen an increase in hate crime against those of all faiths and the United Nations is determined to help reverse and finally end this tide of intolerance...."

Maria Fernanda Espinoza
Former President of 73rd Session General Assembly
United Nations.



 "...This annual conference has served to not only allow participants to take time to reflect on matters of faith in today’s fast-paced society, it also serves as a tribute to Canada’s diversity from both a faith and cultural perspective...."

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic
City of Kitchener



 "... This long running conference in Waterloo celebrates diversity through religions and philosophies from well-known scholars around the world..."

Former Mayor Dave Jaworsky
City of Waterloo



 "... Freedom of religious belief is a cornerstone of a democratic society and having the right to worship, to believe, and to express oneself safely, is vital to a healthy community..."

Bryan M. Larkin
Former Chief of Police- Waterloo Regional Police Service



 "... Waterloo Region is rich in multiculturalism and has a proud and long history of welcoming newcomers from across the world and spanning most religions. I believe that we have a caring and compassionate community...."

Karen Redman
Regional Chair



 "...Diversity is one of our community’s greatest assets, and our cultural mandate is to enhance and promote cultural expressions, share experiences and engage the community...."

Frank Scarpitti
Mayor of Markham


"...The WRC serves a unique purpose; they provide a platform that helps to educate community members by providing them with access to an outlet that offers a variety of different opinions, wisdom and teaching from various religious leaders...."

Bonnie Crombie
Mayor of Mississauga


"...I applaud you for your proactive, collaborative efforts that serve to
promote peace, understanding and tolerance amongst communities.
Thank you for the work you do in building a healthy community!..."

Rick Bonnette
Mayor, Town of Halton Hills


"...This World Religions Conference has promoted peace, understanding and tolerance thereby strengthening the bonds between various religious and non religious communities through meaningful and respectful dialogue, spiritual presentations and social interactions...."

Raymond Cho
MPP – Scarborough North


"...It is our ability to work together to make a difference. Opportunities to cherish and celebrate our differences, allow us to appreciate the diversity of our province and create indestructible walls against intolerance and discrimination...."

Kathleen Wynne
MPP – Don Valley West


"...I commend the organizers, including the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada, the sponsors and hosts for being committed to this positive celebration of bringing faith communities together to enhance the diversity, tolerance and fellowship of these organizations in Canada..."

Don Mitchell
Mayor of Whitby


"... This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and share varying perspective in a respectful forum. Promoting a message of harmony, respect and tolerance...."

Bobbie Drew
Mayor of Scugog


"...It is through these interfaith conferences, and the hard work of communities and our leaders that we will continue to build an inclusive nation that is proud of its diversity..."

Deb Schulte
MP King-Vaughan


"... As Canada's premier, largest and longest-running multi-faith conference, this event brings community members and religious leaders together to discuss spirituality and to promote peace, understanding and tolerance for all..."

Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua
Mayor of Vaughan


"...The World Religions Conference is a truly remarkable event. In an age
when polarized views and uncivilized discourse have become the norm in
social media forums, the Conference is a welcome opportunity for
meaningful dialogue and mutual respect...."

Cam Guthrie
Mayor of Guelph


 "...It is wonderful to see people of different faiths and backgrounds come together with the shared purpose of learning from one another, understanding one another better, and working towards peace and tolerance..."

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward
Mayor of Burlington


 "...This conference truly is an example that shows that despite our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we can still work together to provide a safe, caring community for all...."

Kathryn McGarry
Former Mayor of Cambridge




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